FTPS upload 426 Failure reading network stream


We are having problems to upload files to the FTPS server, sometime it works and sometime doesn’t, there is no particular reasons.
The FTP server works with all the other applications we have.

I have created a test flow you can trigger as you want and you’ll see sometime there is errors:
Error: Error while sending file myfile.csv to FTP. ReplyString: 426 Failure reading network stream.

Thank you for any help.

I don’t know if you can see my previous url but it’s the flow

Hello Nicolas,

maybe it is related to the following issue of vsftpd: vsftpd: 426 Failure reading network stream | Support | SUSE

Kind regards

Thank you for your help but unfortunately the parameter „strict_ssl_read_eof=NO“ doesn’t do anything, I’m still having problems with this flow