Magento 2 Stock Update 404 error

I set up a Magento2 account in synesty using the guide here ( I then linked it to a Magento2-SetStockQty flow to update my magneto2 stock after flow is run.

However I always get the 404 error below.

Step: Magento2-SetStockQty [Magento2-SetStockQty, step position 6] (StepException: StepException: Error in (Sub)-Step SpreadsheetUrlDownload - set quantity and stock status (optional): Error limit of 3 / 3 exceeded. Too many errors or timeouts. Last error was: HTTP status code error: 404 (Not Found) (RootCause: IllegalStateException: HTTP status code error: 404 (Not Found)))

The url is set up as the root shop url just as requested in the doc and the access token is correct. Need help.

As mentioned in the ticket. This message appears if Magento cannot find the SKU for which you are trying to update the stock.

Please check if the SKUs you are sending to Magento are correct. Sometimes SKUs are dynamically generated (e.g. adding a prefix).