MWSRequestReport + MWSDownloadReport


to download correct raport from amazon first we need to Request a report and then using RaportID download it.

I one to use one flow, what is the best way to transmit Raport Id To MWSDownloadReport??.

MWSRequestReport returns " report_GET_FLAT_FILE_ORDERS_DATA_20000567162018298.csv" should I regex raport Id (20000567162018298) , set it as variable and transmit it to MWSDownloadReport raportId Input?

Thank you!


you can insert a TextHTMLWriter Step after the MWSRequestReport select the output with the '+' Button to get the filename and then use ?matches("yourregex") on the string. After that insert a MWSDownloadReport and use the TextHTMLWriter output for your raport Id.

I, for myself, used other freemarker to get the functions like that: