Shopify get Metafields


I was wondering if is an easy way transpose the results of a shopifygetmetafields call so that I can update/add multiple columns in my datastore in one step instead of having to use a filter/spreadsheetdatastorewrite for each metafield I want to save?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @lush,

With some work you can get the metafields to be added to your product data as columns. Here’s a little snippet of the result. The text before the plus-sign is the namespace and the text afterward is the metafield name.

Unfortunately this is not exactly straight forward, so i hope you can follow this short setup-guide.

With the following mapper i am consuming the result from the GetMetaFields-Step.
Config_Mapper.json (1,6 KB)
This creates a huge list of all the metafields for each product id in a single column.

Afterwards you can use the KeyValueMapSplitToColumns-Step to split the data for each metafield to a different column. Here’s how the step has to be configured.

You will probably have to do some small adjustments to the process. At the moment this assume that all the metafields are used on the product level and not attached to individual variants.

Hope this helps to get you on the right track. Otherwise feel free to get in touch.