Transfering Shopify Products to Tradebyte


We are trying to import Shopify products and get them in the format expected by Tradebyte. This means creating separate lines for products (parent) and their variations (child).

But currently, when we import the products from Shopify, all of the products are considered as parents, even if they are only variations. Do you know how we can solve this issue? Maybe you have a template for this purpose?

Thanks a lot in advance

Hi @3goats,

thanks for coming back at us.
Unfortunately, Shopify does not output its items and variants in this regard. Once an item in Shopify has more than one variant, the main item is also a variant. However, in order to map the relationship, you need to create a so-called pseudo parent. You can do this by grouping the variants in a mapper using the „product_id“ and marking them with an helper column. Afterwards you use a SpreadsheetAppend and take as input the result of the ShopifyGetProducts and the mapper with the pseudo parent. Then you can create a logic in the following mapper, where the „product_id“ is used as „identifier“ for the pseudo parents, for the variants you use the „id“ as identifier and the „product_id“ as „parent_identifier“.

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