Unable to include customized field in Plentymarkets exports

Hello All,

I am finding difficulty fetching customized fields from Plentymarkets while exporting order data using Synesty's template. Can anyone tell me how to incorporate fields needed? This is the first time I am using Synergy so any help would be appreciated.

Can you tell us an example name or a screenshot of a field you are looking for?
Sometimes you first have to enable an Advanced Option to activate fetching of specific fields (e.g. see inputs of PlentySearchOrders Step)

Are you maybe looking for those fields in the output of PlentySearchOrders:


Thank you for your reply. However, my real problem is that the field I want to export is not available in this. like for example, I want to have referrer name instead of referrer ID and delivery cost instead of shipping cost, etc. Moreover, I also want to import properties so that I can build a real-time dashboard without any interruption.

Additionally, I am attaching a screenshot for your reference that from where I am taking those field.


So basically I want some options like format designer in Plentymarkets through which I can have fields of my choice.

Please send a screenshot of the fields you want to export from your plentymarkets backend.

Please find the following, thanks

Ok thanks this helps.

We are not really sure what exactly you have tried in Synesty already. We have a slight feeling that you may have missed a few things, which might have helped you already:

1. Have you clicked the Step-Preview button for PlentySearchOrders Step?

This shows you something like this. There are a lot of fields which look similar to what you need. Don't forget to scroll right.... there are at least a million columns ;)

Also make sure you click on "Show max. 10 Rows" link otherwise you will just see 1 row:

Also check the Advanced options:

There are some options you first need to enable before you get certain fields, e.g.

The Step preview is just one part of the story. You usually need a Mapper Step to consume the output and to create your own mapping. This is comparable to the format designer.

We sugggest that you install this Template which is a pre-built OrderExport for plentymarkets orders which gives you a CSV File. (Sorry only german descriptions so far).

This should be a good base for playing around and customization.

Regarding your referrerName vs. referrerID: we sometimes have not all the fields the plentymarkets API provides. For referrer we just have the OrderHeadReferrerID.

But you can map the IDs to names yourself e.g. using Mappingsets.

If you really need something much more customized than what our pre-built steps provide you have the following options:

  1. You can build your own connnector to the plentymarkets REST API e.g. using this tutorial and a good Translator ;) https://docs.synesty.com/display/SSUD/REST+API+Anbindung+mit+Synesty
  2. Or you try to find one of our partners who can help you building that.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

Your Synesty Support

Another idea: Have you tried the Step PlentyElasticExport?

With this you can download an export you have configured in plentymarkets using the format designer and get it as a Synesty Spreadsheet for futher processing.

Thank you very much :) It really helped me a lot to explore Synesty. I was already using the template you mentioned above but here also I am facing another problem is that I need to get output on google sheet but when I am adding a step it is not giving me this option.

As you mentioned as well that you have a predefined field through which I can fetch data and if I need to have my own either I have to use a mapping set or customized it using rest API. Correct me if I am wrong here.

Lastly, can you guide me through PlentyElasticExport, I guess it will resolve all my problems. How do I add it to my dashboard though I am currently using a free version where I can have all add-ons but even then I can not find it. This is what I have understood from its functionality that I can directly export my predefined sheets from plenty market elastic export functions. Which I have already customized it using format designer function of plentymarkets?

Sure we can try. It would be helpful if you send screenshots or video of the steps you have already tried. Otherwise we only guess on what you already did ;)

We are not sure about which Dashboard you are talking about. But we guess it is some external tool you would like to feed via Google Spreadsheet.


Not much to tell:

1. Add the Step PlentyElasticExport

2. Select your account (make sure you create it before by clicking on "Show my plentymarkets_rest Accounts"

3. Select the Export ID (either enter manually or use the Select Export button. This is the ID of your export inside plentymarkets)

4. Try the Step-Preview. See if you see the data you configured in plenty.

5. Add e.g. a GoogleSpreadsheetUpdate Step (choose Account, Choose the Google Spreadsheet you want to write the data into)

6. Press "Run Now". GoogleSpreadsheetUpdate only works with a real flow run.

Here is a quick video attached how this could look like.

Note: the video uses the PlentySearchOrders step and not plentyElasticExport, because we currently do not have an export setup. But it should give you the idea.

In the end of the video, you see the Order data written to a Google Spreadsheet.

Then you can continue in Google Drive to do whatever you want with your data.

Hello again,

Thanks for the detailed explanation. I have tried all of those what are you explaining above. The only problem I am facing right now is that I cannot add plentymarket elastic export in my flow. Please see attached pictures. Just for your reference, I actually want to export CSV files through elastic export from Plentymarkets on different time intervals on daily basis and then import those file to Goolgedata studio. I hope you understand my point and can help me with it.


the steps in your first screenshot are only suggestions. Please enter "PlentyElasticExport" in the input field for the Step search. There should be only one search result above the input field. If you click on "PlentyElasticExport" above the search input, the step will be added to your flow.